Welcome to my blog

Hello, there. Thanks for visiting my site.

You are now in my personal lair, where my thoughts may run a bit more freely than elsewhere. In the spirit of legal security, I should mention that whatever I say here does not reflect the views of anyone other than myself.

Not that I’m promising a steady stream of controversial pieces. It’s not like Middle-earth, superheroes, and female pop stars are overly contentious topics (or are they?). But a writer’s got to cover himself just in case.

Truth is, I sometimes need a personal space where I can let some things out, even if I’m not getting paid for them. It’s both my blessing and my curse—let’s call it my superpower.

It’s also a space to simply practice my writing. We writers spend a lot of time researching, editing, interviewing, and doing a bunch of other things that keep our fingers off the keys. Which isn’t very writerly if you ask me. Superman didn’t learn how to fly in a day.

So without further ado, please scroll on. Comment where you like. I hope you enjoy your stay.


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